Agreenculture is a French company that designs, develops and produces autonomous solutions for the agricultural world.


Agriculture is an expertise that continually rethinks itself to offer the best to consumers, through more sustainable and virtuous practices. In order to help all producers achieve their ambitious and demanding goals, tools precision is a key issue.


Agreenculture has made this requirement the basis of its innovation. With 13 years of Research and Development in the field of positioning and satellite guidance, we have invested this know-how in the development of our robots for the past four years.


Co-designed with different players in the agricultural world, they maintain plots of perennial crops in total autonomy and already accumulate several thousand hours of operation in autonomous mode and in real conditions.


This shared passion for our terroirs and the fundamental role of Agriculture motivate us, for our French and European collaborators, but also for you, in order to constantly evolve and offer you the best.

Christophe Aubé
Clement Baron
Technical director
Emmanuel Goua de Baix
General manager

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20 avenue Didier Daurat


31400 Toulouse - France