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Autonomous agricultural robot

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CEOL the autonomous robotics solution of Agreenculture.
CEOL is time saving.

The robot works autonomously, without breaks and without the need for human presence.

Thus, an eight-hour day of driving a tractor is reduced to one hour of CEOL management.

The farmer leaves his cabin to concentrate on higher value-added tasks. 

AGC icons_Icone_Horloge-86.png

Its hybrid motorisation system allows diesel consumption to be reduced by a factor of 4 compared to a tractor carrying out the same tasks.

Lightweight and equipped with tracks, CEOL passes more frequently. It maintains the soil surface without creating ruts.

CEOL has centimetric precision

CEOL was designed in collaboration with farmers to meet their expectations.

In addition to its simple mechanics and maintenance, it is equipped with options adapted to each individual's needs.

The easy-to-use machine management interfaces allow you to maximise the robotic area on your farm.

CEOL is versatile
CEOL is respectful of the ecology and soil

The guidance solution with GNSS RTK positioning developed by Agreenculture offers automatic steering with centimeter accuracy to guarantee quality work as close as possible to the crop.

AGC icons_Icone_Precision_cm-66.png
CEOL has good ergonomics

CEOL is equipped with a category 1 lift, allowing it to be adapted to different equipment.

It can carry or tow a range of different sized equipment and thus robotise much of the work currently carried out with a tractor.

AGC icons_Icone_CEOL_connecte.png
Narrow Frame tool

Narrow frame

Large frame tool

Large frame

FACA roller

Shredder tool


Frame accessories

Kress tools

Kress fingers

intervines hoes

Inter-vines hoes

Crumbling disk

Crumbling disk


Your robots are easily managed, thanks to the mission management application. Its ergonomics are based on feedback from our users. 

Once at its starting point, the robot moves safely and autonomously within the plot  to complete its mission.  

All the parameters present in the application allow you to maintain the agronomic expertise and adjust the attitude of the robot and the tools in real time. 

In addition, you will be informed immediately of any occurrences that occur during the mission. Through the application, Agreenculture is always on hand to provide answers to your questions. 

It is the essential tool for managing your mission schedule and getting the most out of the robotisation of your operation. 




Ground clearance

Track width

Ground pressure

Tool lift amplitude

Lifting capacity


Thermal autonomy

Traction power


Battery autonomy

Guidance and positioning


Remote control range

Maximum speed


Safety sensors

"Geo-fencing" technique

170 cm

adjustable from 72 to 120 cm

21 cm (16 cm with added weights)

180 mm

<260 g / cm²

30 cm

300 kg

> 8 p.m.

10 kW

Electric 48V

60 to 90 minutes

GNSS RTK (centimetric precision)

100 meters

6 km / h

Sensitive bumper + obstacle detection sensors

Virtual security technique of the peramiter of the robotized plot of land

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