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Phenotyping tool for varietal selection

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This high-throughput conveyorized machine dedicated to varietal selection allows the collection of objective and uniform data, thanks to advanced measurements and analyses of various agronomic characteristics. 

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Through standardised processes and accurate data, we obtain uniform comparisons between seeds and fruits. 

The analyses are extensive: colours, weights, dimensions, shapes, roundness and conicity indices, disease detection, etc.

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Phénobox allows the phenotyping of several types of fruits and several fruits simultaneously.

The interface of the integrated tablet is simple and accessible, it is available in all languages on request.

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The advantages of the Phenobox

- Comparable objective data: the precise calibration of Phénobox makes it possible to acquire reliable data

- Productivity gain: 1250 fruits/h vs 700 fruits/h for a human

- Easily transportable: equipped with standard wheels and sizes, Phénobox can be transported in a utility vehicle.

- Image acquisition and analysis: result in the form of a table/graph/statistics stored on a secure cloud platform.

- Marketed internationally: the delivery and maintenance of the machines is available throughout the world.

- Certified and secure: CE certified, machine safety directive, 2006/42/EC.

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