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Get exclusive access to Agreenculture's catalog, and explore our new solutions to upgrade your off-highway machines.


Agreenculture helps companies to meet the challenges of automating agricultural machinery in complete safety. The cutting-edge technology we have developed and the network of experts that make up our strength, discover the range of expertise that meets your needs:

Guidage & Positionnement
Guidage et positionnement

Guidance and positioning are at the heart of Agreenculture, both in CEOL and in the AGC box. 

Since 2016, Agreenculture has been developing a safe  GNSS positioning system RTK  with centimetric precision. Combining this positioning system with high-performance guidance laws, we are able to automate any type of outdoor machinery, making it 100% autonomous. 

Our RTK satellite positioning solution is guaranteed by the accuracy of an automotive grade ASIL B certified tri-frequency GNSS receiver. This precision, coupled with a high level of safety, guarantees you a high performing and safe working environment. 

Thanks to the data collected and the expertise of our teams, we are able not only to automate your machines alone or in a fleet, but also to optimise the tasks carried out. This will allow you to save time and money in the planning and management of your activities. 

We support our partners on a daily basis in the development of their robotic solutions, and more and more of them are trusting us to develop new, high-performance solutions. 

Optique & IA


In order to meet the growing demand for agricultural production, a continuous adaptation of agriculture is needed to ensure its productivity and efficiency. For this reason, AgreenCulture launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) department in 2018, with the aim of providing cutting-edge technology for a more productive and higher-yielding harvest.  

The skills in imagery and artificial intelligence enable a wide variety of data to be captured and processed. We thus use different image processing algorithms associated with artificial neural networks. This enables us, as needed, to identify diseases, estimate performance, etc.  

Coupled with robotics, the collection and analysis of useful agronomic data makes it possible today to meet the varied needs of the farmer in the short and long term.  

AgreenCulture enables its clients to improve their processes without direct intervention, while at the same time improving both the quantity and quality of the data produced and their productions. 


Conception mécanique

Mechanical design and embedded systems

A robot is a set of systems that work in harmony and adapt to external conditions according to its performance capabilities and a methodology of continuous innovation.   

The particularity of Agreenculture today is that it masters the different phases of development of a robotic solution. Present from the initial design phases up to the industrialisation stage, we work alongside you in the development of your robotic solutions.  

Our mechanical and embedded systems teams are there to help you bring your projects to life. Our engineers work on a daily basis in the creation and improvement of the various systems necessary for the operation of your machines.   

The robustness and maintainability of your machines is our priority. Together with our industrial partners, we design machines that are functional and simple to use.   

In order for the product to meet your needs, our embedded systems team designs the architecture of your products and develops the systems. They communicate with each other with the aim of carrying out the planned tasks in complete safety. 

Design UX UI

The products designed and developed by Agreenculture are thought out for and with the users.  

Our user-centred approach ensures that we are as close as possible to the user's needs in order to provide coherent, simple and effective products that make our users satisfied and proud.  

The design of our products takes three factors into account: the challenges facing users, the ecosystem in which our solutions will be used, and accompanying changes in usage so that everyone benefits from the best of Agreenculture's technical expertise.  

User issues are validated by experience in the field.  

Our innovations are integrated into an existing agricultural ecosystem, out of concern for the economy and ecology. Designing autonomous robots is not enough. To enable access to these complex technical solutions without any constraints, we refine the user experience every day to make it more fluid.  

For Agreenculture, this is the mission of Design.  

Our users identify with our products because we share the same values and the same passion for the land.  

Our products are durable and reliable, the essentials are always at hand. The robot remains a tool, as an extension of human expertise. 

Design et UX
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