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Logo de l'entreprise Agreenculture

Agreenculture is a French company that designs, develops and produces autonomous solutions for the agricultural world.


Agriculture is an expertise that continually rethinks itself to offer the best to consumers, through more sustainable and virtuous practices. In order to help all producers achieve their ambitious and demanding goals, tools precision is a key issue.


Agreenculture has made this requirement the basis of its innovation. With 13 years of Research and Development in the field of positioning and satellite guidance, we have invested this know-how in the development of our robots for the past four years.


Co-designed with different stakeholders in the agricultural world, they maintain plots of perennial crops in total autonomy and already accumulate several thousand hours of operation in autonomous mode and in real conditions.


This shared passion for our terroirs and the fundamental role of Agriculture motivate us, for our French and European collaborators, but also for you, in order to constantly evolve and offer you the best.

Christophe Aubé, CEO d'Agreenculture
Christophe Aubé
Clément Baron, Directeur Technique d'Agreenculture
Clement Baron
Technical director
Emmanuel Goua de Baix, Expert GNSS d'Agreenculture
Emmanuel Goua de Baix
General manager
Comithé Éthique

Our history

Comithé éthique Agreenculture

“Science without conscience is only ruin of the soul. » Rabelais

Created in 2020, our committee is led by five volunteers who work to ensure that Agreenculture is ecologically, economically and socially viable.


We carry out various reflections on our missions, our vision and our values as a young, emerging and innovative company.

Our activities are divided into 5 different areas:

  • Meaning of the company: Reflect on the meaning of our company and ask ourselves about the various orientations. This through our products, our services, our teams and the brand image that we reflect.

  • Business Choices: Examine our choices and decisions to ensure they deliver on our overall vision and the meaning we have defined.  

  • Life of the company: We carry through our reflections and our activities the spirit of the team and its organization. These elements seem essential to us for a healthy work environment conducive to innovation where everyone counts.  

  • Corporate relations and partnerships: We seek through our partnerships and collaborations to develop projects that respect people and promote sustainability.  

  • Animation of the caf'éthiques: Our committee animates once a month a debate with the whole team around a subject of current events or interest, creating an opportunity to exchange ideas and enrich each other.


La Région Occitanie
Dassault Systemes
Agri Sud-Ouest
La Ferme Digitale
Prix The robot of the year d'Agreenculture.
Prix du european satellite navigation competition 2018 d'Agreenculture.
Prix entrepreneur de l'année de Christophe Aubé, le CEO d'Agreenculture.
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