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Final presentation of the ESA-NAVISP project

AGCbox - Positioning and guidance box for autonomous robots ESA NAVISP PROJECT

The AGCbox uses an internally developed RTK algorithm for a centimetric and safe precision in agricultural environments. Using the integrity of the position, the Geofencing of robots is made possible. The robot stops if there is a doubt on its position. Integrity is a key element for a precise weeding without harming neither the crops nor people outside the outline. It is mainly a user-friendly positioning and guidance box that can be integrated into a robot. It consists in simply plugging the AGC box to the CAN bus of a robot and it will command the motors of the tracks or wheels and the agricultural implement (agricultural tools) to follow a predetermined mission with a cm accuracy and in a safe way.

Agreenculture presents the AGCbox, a positioning and guidance solution for autonomous land vehicles. This device combines hardware and software, both developed entirely by Agreenculture to meet the needs of agriculture. Thanks to a proprietary RTK algorithm, the AGCbox offers a centimetre-precision system that is safe in outdoor environments. The aim of the project was to validate the functionalities and certify the AGCbox positioning and guidance system as an industrial product, thereby increasing its maturity and TRL. Thanks to this project, the time to market for Agreenculture's technology has been reduced.

The AGCbox supervises and secures the execution of tasks and transforms machines to make them autonomous and communicative. In particular, it incorporates Safencing©, a geofencing system based exclusively on GNSS technology developed by Agreenculture. The AGCbox guides the robot and calculates the best trajectory to avoid obstacles. This real-time calculation adapts to the complex realities of the terrain. The robot is always within reach of a smartphone or tablet, thanks to LoRa and 4G. The box also complies with the CANopen industrial standard. Equipped with three CAN buses, it can be easily interfaced with standard agricultural machinery and tools.

By combining a world-first ASIL B-certified GNSS receiver with the computing power of a PC, the AGCbox meets all the needs of off-road machinery robotisation:

- Guaranteed positioning work with centimetre accuracy

- Secure external guidance

- Exchanges via all certified channels: CAN, Wifi, Bluetooth LE, 4G, LoRa, etc.

The presentation will include an overview of Agreenculture: its raison d'être, values and ambition. This will be followed by a presentation of the main challenges of the NAVISP project and how this experiment is enabling us to take things to the next level. Finally, we'll look at the new prospects opened up by this project!

The project was carried out under element 2 of the NAVISP programme, which is dedicated to supporting the competitiveness of European industries.

Start date: 03/07/2023 09:00

Closing date: 03/07/2023 10:30

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