agc box

Guiding and

positioning solution

AGC Box gathers a panel of technologies making machine robotization possible. It supervises and secures work execution and transforms human dependent machines into autonomous communicating robots.


This technology is a real interface between your expertise and the machine. Through the AGC Box, we guarantee the integrity and security of your work.

AGC Box intervenes at various stages of robotization starting from land surveying. Land and crop survey is a crucial step which consist virtualizing the field and the crop plots in a map used later by the machine.


AGC box assists you in all your open field surveying activities like taking field measurements or drawing a virtual fence around the work area. Benefit from the centimetric positioning, and the ergonomic interface to simplify your work and increase your productivity.

AGC box guides single or a fleet of robots calculating constantly the best trajectories while avoiding obstacles. Real time kinematics adapts continuously to the complexity of your fields and crops. Using LoRa and 4G communication protocols, your machine is always within your reach using a smartphone or a tablet.

The boxes’ enclosure complies with CAN open industrial international standards. Equipped with three CAN buses, it can easily interface with your machines and tools.


Safe and simple to install, AGC box has a single connector, easily installed, and plugged, it can operate using any power supply ranging between 9 and 36 volts.

AGC Box combines a world premiere ASIL B certified GNSS receiver with the processing power of an IMX8 meeting all your needs. Safe, precise and connected, AGC Box is your eyes and hands on the field.

UV resistant radome IP67 without radio interferences Operational for temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C

4G permanent coverage antenna

3 Bus CAN FD 2.0 A & B for more available bandwidth and integration facility

Geofencing security PL C ISO 13849

6061 aluminum casing aeronautical grade for external use. Resistant to corrosion

Bluetooth LE

Left LED, power supply state

Right LED, operational status / programmable if needed

Tri-frequency GNSS receptors certified ASIL B RTK positioning

Inertial unit

LoRa 2, 4GHz & 868MHz antennas

19 pins connector IP67

robust, ergonomic connector with a case lock

Hardened power supply

resistant to micro energy cuts

50Hz Positioning and guidance

Worldwide 4G LTEM modem with 2G and pro 3G backup

IMX8 processor

Web server for user applications

Power supply compatible from 9 to 36 volts

Fit standard 5/8-11 thread for easy installation

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