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We enhance
field operators' experience
by expanding our partners' expertise

The mission of Agreenculture is to provide vehicles and machinery manufacturers with innovative and affordable hardware and software solutions

to enhance autonomy, safety, intelligence and accessibility, while prioritizing environmental impact.

OEM & agricultural machinery manufacturers

Embrace safety,
Become autonomous

by only integrating the modules you need

Autonomous machine RX20 guided by GNSS RTK receiver AGCbox

Precise work without
human supervision

Thanks to autonomous solutions, work becomes collaborative, enabling users to better tackle daily challenges and increase their efficiency.

Your machines become autonomous, intelligent, with centimeter-level precision, capable of adjusting their trajectories in real-time based on the challenges of an uneven ground.

Increase the availability of your equipment and optimize yields by using Agreenculture's guidance system. You can manage a fleet of machines simultaneously, monitor them remotely, visualize missions, check the status of the machines, and operate them remotly.

Free up time for what truly matters.

Production line for autonomous machines

Accelerate your Time-to-market

Our certified and configurable solutions are available to make your machines autonomous.

Let's combine our expertise and integrate Agreenculture's autonomy and safety components to develop your robotic project within a year.

Get your first operational prototype in four months, allowing you to quickly test your autonomous machine in real-world conditions.

From your ideas to the field, we guide you through the entire process until certification, enabling you to bring your autonomous machine to market quickly and in compliance with regulations.

Save time & reach
your market faster

by only integrating the modules you need

Through its products and services, Agreenculture offers a complete range of features that can be configured and easily implemented, tailored to the challenges and specificities of each machine and manufacturer.

Adaptable to your needs

Easy to implement

Reliable and certified

The AGCbox designed 
to automate your vehicles
& machines

A unique design for safe positioning, connectivity, and computing capability.

This positioning and guidance module includes a Safencing® function, allowing machines to operate legally in Europe without requiring human supervision.

It is the first GNSS S-RTK solution to ensure your machine stays within its working area

Precise & safe positioning
Certification &

Ground Reference Station

Ground Reference Station (GRS) transmits precise and safe GNSS corrections to AGCbox ARP, ENS & ESA.

It ensures safe positioning and centimeter-level precision for highly accurate work through GNSS S-RTK, route repeatability, and Safencing® control


Autonomy and safety begin with the mapping of the working zone and obstacles to avoid.

For that important step in the process, Agreenculture provides the surveyor with a qualifying training and an advanced kit to define the working areas for autonomous machines through the mapping of the virtual safety perimeter: the Safencing®.


Navigation System

Our ENS (Embedded Navigation System) manages safe positioning, navigation, Safencing®, connectivity, and control of the safety systems implemented on the autonomous machine.

Directional Antenna

For steering and safety, the ESA (Embedded Smart Antenna) provides advanced features for precise location and orientation.

AGC Cloud screen showing mission tracking for a fleet of autonomous machines

AGC Cloud,
making robotics accessible

Our system shields the complexity of robotics to
the end-user through simple and intuitive interfaces

Robotics solutions can be complex. Our goal is to make them accessible and user-friendly through our cloud solutions developed with field operators. AGC Cloud provides instant access to your machines in real time for more efficient monitoring.

Cleverly designed , AGC Cloud is a scalable and intuitive platform. AGC Cloud is either ready-to-use as a stand-alone solution or a webcomponent easy to integrate into your ecosystem.

From the computer or mobile interface, field operators can access various features such as:

Explore our wide range of expertise

Discover our expert visionary team committed to creating cost-effective and sustainable solutions. 

Explore our areas of expertise to bring your ideas to life.

Precise & safe positioning

Agreenculture has won several awards for its achievements in GNSS positioning accuracy and integrity.


We master every stage of the development of a robotic solution.

From the early design phases to industrialization, we are committed to working alongside you in the development of your autonomous solutions.

Embedded Safety Systems

By combining sensor data processing with our expertise in the development of dedicated software, we are able to offer a range of safety calculators easily adaptable to your systems and compliant with machine and vehicle safety standards.


We accelerate access to autonomous robotics by bringing cutting-edge technology from research laboratories, engineering schools, and universities to our industrial partners in the shape of complete products compliant with European legislation.


Fueled by the trust of our partnerships, this ambition allows us to be creative and innovative, while ensuring our technologies are always tailored and rapidly deployable.

Optics & Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to our advanced expertise in complex image acquisition and analysis systems, we can quickly design field-deployable prototypes.


These solutions capture and process essential data to optimize the performance of operational teams.

Cloud development

The Cloud, being accessible from any remote device, allows us to establish a connection between crucial field data and its stakeholders.

Our APIs are designed to preserve the expertise of industrial players through an intuitive interface while guiding them towards autonomous solutions.

They trust us

Karl, an intelligent machine tool duo

Karl is the first autonomous robot dedicated to large-scale agriculture, equipped with intelligent technologies both on the machine and its tool.

This allows it to adjust its parameters during a mission for optimal and soil-friendly work quality.

KFAST, the autonomous sprayer dedicated to arboriculture

Developed by Spanish spraying specialists Pulverizadores Fede, Agreenculture is  proud to see this collaboration with Kubota rewarded with the Technical Innovations Award at the FIMA 2024 in Zaragoza.

RX-20, the result of a collaboration with Pellenc

Evolution to our CEOL prototype, RX-20 is the first autonomous inter-row crawler dedicated to viticulture, combining Pellenc's agricultural industrial experience with our expertise in safety and robotics.

"Our collaboration with Agreenculture allows us to progress much faster on our robotic projects. Their expertise is also key in certifying our solutions."

Simon Barbeau | CEO PELLENC Group

"Agreenculture proves by its collaboration with Manitou that it is
possible to combine the highest level of expertise with a friendly,
collaborative working atmosphere. This customer relationship demonstrates a shared DNA with Manitou’s spirit."

Régis Marzin | Innovation Director Manitou Group

"Robots arrived on the farm three years ago. They represent a new generation of tools that provide us with solutions to improve the quality of our work."

Thomas Bugnon
Pépinières Bugnon

Tell us about your projects

Thank you for your interest in Agreenculture. Our team will carefully review your request and get back to you as soon as possible with the necessary information.We look forward to further discuss how we can meet your business needs.

Let's meet

With 17 years of Research and Development expertise in satellite positioning and guidance, we have been investing our knowledge for 8 years now in the development of autonomous robots with key players in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

This shared passion for our land and the fundamental role of Agriculture drives us to constantly evolve and our best for our French and international partners.

Christophe Aubé | CEO of Agreenculture & Director of Robagri
Surveyor and autonomous machine guided by GNSS RTK receiver AGCbox

S-RTK and Safencing®,
prerequisites for autonomy

Our GNSS S-RTK satellite positioning system offers centimeter-level accuracy with an integrity level that can reach PLd performance (ISO 13849): the result of 17 years of research and development.

Agreenculture has developed Safencing®, the first plug-and-play GNSS S-RTK geofencing safety feature. It allows customers to provide full autonomy to their vehicles without human supervision.

Safencing® is a safety component under the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) with a PLd level according to ISO 13849.

The safety function of Safencing® ensures your machines never leave the defined working area. It covers the entire process from initial survey to safe positioning and from the cloud to the safety relay to stop the machine.

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