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among our experts

Our teams are multi-disciplinary and complementary, with a wide range of backgrounds, from agriculture to aerospace.


Together we solve technical challenges to offer innovative solutions to improve working conditions for people in the field, while striving to reduce our environmental footprint.



Robotics R&D Project Manager (M/F)



Mobile Robotics/Navigation Engineer



Design and production of test benches for series production

What motivates us

Our values

Commitment & passion

We strive to push the boundaries, guided by the desire to create a positive impact in our society. Commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation are the pillars on which our team is built.

Initiative & thoroughness

Everyone has the opportunity to express their ideas and be heard, fostering innovative creativity.

We face challenges with determination to satisfy our partners, creating our collective success.

Grounded & field proximity

We favor a hands-on approach, far from our screens, with our feet firmly planted in the ground, to understand our partners' environment, immerse ourselves in their issues and find the most concrete, sustainable response.

Franchise & benevolence

The friendliness and honesty of the human-scale team that founded Agreenculture are values that we cultivate. They enable us to create a culture of mutual support and transmission, conducive to the successful integration and support of our talents.

Why join us?

Greener mobility

The Agreenculture site was chosen to facilitate sustainable mobility. Close to the Canal du Midi for cyclists, close to Montaudran station, served by 3 bus lines, close to a ring road exit and the future C Subway.

We actively encourage our employees to opt for public transport, cycling or car-pooling, by providing all the necessary comforts, such as bike shelters, showers and parking spaces.  

Flexible & Remote Work

To promote work-life balance, up to two teleworking days a week are available.


Schedules can also be adjusted to accommodate family life or other obligations.   

Friendly company

Here, conviviality, creativity and mutual support are paramount.


We offer comfortable spaces, a fully-equipped kitchen and a shower for the more athletic. What's more, we offer a gardening equipment or vehicle loan service, and have an on-site vegetable garden for the nature lovers among us.

"I'm in touch with the sector I care about most"

Marie-Gabrielle | Project Manager & Product Lead

"I decided to work in the agricultural sector to support the farmers of today and tomorrow. Faced with new environmental, economic and societal challenges, they have to reinvent themselves to meet many new challenges.

Working for agricultural innovation enables me to be as close as possible to the field, to be aware of realities, and to propose solutions adapted to the needs of the land and those who work it. Many of us at Agreenculture share this ambition: to propose affordable and viable solutions for our Agriculture of tomorrow."


creation date



29 years old

average age



3 years

average length of service


less environmental impact than a company in the same sector and of equivalent size according to HelloCarbo

Embedded Electronics Department

The Embedded Electronics Division at Agreenculture focuses on electronic design, production management, PCB and electronic board manufacturing, as well as industrialization and production of embedded electronic systems. We're looking for self-starters with initiative and the ability to challenge themselves, from technicians to engineers, with a Bac+5 degree. 

IT Development

Joining the IT Development Department at Agreenculture means joining a dynamic team working on a complete ecosystem. We design software solutions to connect users and agricultural robots, using a variety of innovative technologies.

Products & Algorithms Department

Working in the Products and Algorithms Division means taking on exciting technical challenges every day. In a friendly, collaborative environment, we develop cutting-edge solutions for autonomous navigation and embedded robot design. If you like technical challenges and teamwork, and are eager to learn and share, join us!


We respond to specific needs, transforming environmental perception into robust, autonomous solutions. Thanks to our unique expertise in detecting and analyzing complex details, combined with our cross-disciplinary skills.

Quality & Safety

Agreenculture's Quality and Safety Department ensures product excellence and process safety. We work to ISO 9001 standards to ensure system quality, and are committed to health, safety and the environment (HSE), as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR). With solutions such as CAIUS, CLEOS and SAFENCING®, we define product safety, because for us, safety means quality. 

Mechanical Design

We specialize in the design and implementation of innovative agricultural machinery, working closely with our customers to meet their specific needs. We offer a responsive and efficient working environment, where you will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of successful products. We're looking for motivated, multi-skilled people who are passionate about agriculture and eager to take on new challenges.

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