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Design and production of test benches for series production


As soon as possible

BAC +5, looking for an end-of-study internship

6 months

Our Team

The Embedded Electronics Division at Agreenculture focuses on electronic design, production management, PCB and electronic board manufacture, and the industrialisation and production of embedded electronic systems. We're looking for autonomous people with initiative and the ability to challenge themselves, from technicians to engineers, with a 5-year higher education qualification.

  • Reporting to the Electronics Division and as part of the series production launch of some of our commercial products, your tasks will be to:

    • Studying the need and coverage of testing required on electronic and mechanical sub-assemblies and finished products;
    • Draw up specifications for the test bench(s) required for series production;
    • Design and manufacture, with or without the help of a partner, the test bench(s) that meet(s) the previously drafted specifications;
    • Install the test bench(s) at our production partner's facilities.
    • Areas of training: industrial engineering and/or computer and electronics engineering;
    • You are creative, rigorous, autonomous, able to make suggestions and curious!
  • If you are interested in this position, please send your CV and cover letter by e-mail to:

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