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Agreenculture focuses on the automation & safety of agricultural machinery

Updated: Apr 25

What are the challenges of agricultural robotics?

The lack of manpower, the reduction of phytosanitary products, the arduousness of the tasks, the compaction of the soil, the increasingly frequent climatic hazards, these are the problems with which we are confronted today. Thus, feeding the estimated 10 billion human beings by 2050 at an affordable price with a shrinking population of farmers and agricultural land is a challenge.

Robotizing agricultural tasks is therefore becoming a real solution demanded by farmers, and is even more ecological than many solutions currently used.

To make a machine autonomous, you have to be able to provide it with its position very precisely, so that it works as close as possible to the rows of crops, but above all to be able to certify that there is no risk of it going onto a road or of it crushing someone or something.

Why does Agreenculture focus on automation and security?

Agreenculture is known for having developed CEOL, an autonomous chaser for perennial crops. However, its real know-how is concentrated in the AGCbox, the connected and secure positioning and guidance box which makes it possible on the one hand to make a machine autonomous and on the other hand to dispense with the presence of a nearby operator thanks to its SaFencing® functionality (virtual safety barrier). CEOL is in this the best demonstrator of the AGCbox!

Agreenculture is a pioneer in safety in the field of agricultural robotics. We control the entire data chain from the reception of satellite signals to the robot's mission management application, including the development of our mobile interfaces.

The stakes are high, which is why we are actively working on the certification of our solution. The objective being to let the autonomous machines work without human supervision, and free up time for the farmers, the safety of the machine and its environment are key.

What's new with the AGCbox?

The AGCbox makes it possible to make an agricultural machine autonomous in complete safety, it is a solution of:

  • Positioning, precise to the centimeter, thanks to the GNSS-RTK receiver.

  • Guidance and fleet management (several machines simultaneously),

  • Secure, thanks to SaFencing®, Agreenculture is able to certify that the machine and its tool will not leave a defined contour in a safe manner.

All information is now available in real time with the development of monitoring and teleoperation platforms, which allow monitoring, fleet management, or troubleshooting a robot remotely.

Agreenculture supports machinists and roboticists in meeting the challenges of automating and securing agricultural machinery, to develop and improve the daily lives of farmers.

We provide safe navigation technology and the expert support they need to bring a tractor, robot or any machine to market safely.


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