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Surveying: A key solution to guarantee the safety of your autonomous machines

Updated: Apr 25

Surveying: what is it?

Surveying a plot consists of mapping the rows, obstacles (electric pole, well, etc.), and delimiting the outline of the work area of a machine. To guarantee centimetric precision of the machine, this is done on foot, by taking points using a surveying kit. This technique makes it possible, in particular in the agricultural sector, to know with precision the surface area of a plot.For Agreenculture, this technique is essential for mapping the plot and then being able to generate missions for all types of autonomous machines that come to work between or on the rows of crops. It is also during this step that the certified virtual security contour: Safencing© is mapped.Only one survey is required for all stand-alone machines.

Why does Agreenculture carry out its survey on foot?

At Agreenculture, surveying is carried out by a trained and qualified surveyor, who then has a training certificate provided by Agreenculture.With 15 years of Research and Development in the field of satellite positioning and guidance, Agreenculture uses a fixed GNSS RTK correction base, an AGCbox-GRS reference station.The surveyor then comes to walk the plot to take the contour of the plot, the rows and the exclusion zones using the survey kit.Surveying must be very precise and more particularly for perennial crops such as viticulture or arboriculture, so that the machine does not damage the feet while working.Foot surveying achieves greater accuracy than surveying by drone or other methods. This precision is essential to achieve a representative survey which is then certifiable.

How does surveying at Agreenculture differ from competitors?

Agreenculture takes up a major challenge: certifying a virtual safety contour. The safety contour, called Safencing©, allows farmers to let their machines work in complete autonomy and safety without requiring the presence of an operator to monitor the machine!In addition to a certified product, Agreenculture now offers an ergonomic, precise, reliable and easy-to-use surveying kit!It is thanks to Agreenculture that farmers will be able to let their autonomous tools work safely without supervision. They will then be able to devote more time to promoting their culture.

What is the Agreenculture survey kit?

The Agreenculture Surveying Kit consists of: a surveying pole to position the AGCbox-Survey at the top; a battery, as well as an application. This application makes it possible to follow the cartography in real time, to save various data of the surveyor: he can thus add comments or attach photos to a taken point.The surveyor assembles his kit and can begin surveying the plot by sampling the plot outline, rows and exclusion zones, areas that the autonomous machine will bypass. Three permanent points, called control points, are also mapped to ensure the accuracy of the survey and to be able to readjust it if necessary.Agreenculture surveying is the essential entry point for the robotization of farms and the key to securing the plots.

Choose Agreenculture to accompany you, and you can let the machines work autonomously without having to monitor them, saving time, improving your loads and yields.


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